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Although their voices were not too loud, they were not soft either. Hong Dali could hear some of it. He sat down and touched his chin, asking Ling Xiaoyi, Oh right, Xiaoyi. Now I remember. You bought some businesses on my behalf last night. I forgot to ask you about it


Luo Qiang sucked in a breath of cold air. A human head! This person even said he would stay here. Which meant, whenever they needed, they could engage his services!


Her mind was in a mess. What happened today affected her deeply. It was not really her fault. After all, idolizing a hero was something every young girl was prone to do. The only difference was whether the hero was stronger or weaker.


Hmm. Dali? Tianyi thought about it then said to himself, Double Honorary Aristocrat? That means he is well-versed in battle and in business. Golden cloak that means he is a double orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. This is what he has set up? A business that loses money? Could he be a string-puller? Thats possible.


Movies in the Galaxy Alliance Center were on a level from those on Earth. On Earth, with the Holographic Projection, it was sufficient to impress others. But here, Holographic Projection was not enough. Especially since they came from Earth, the big scenes were not impressive.


There was not much competition between both. Ordinary Honorary Aristocrats and Double Honorary Aristocrats were under two different systems. There was no dispute of interest. Hence, it was easier to establish a relationship.

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Youre here. Jiang Qianxue put down the book and looked at Li Tianxing. She smiled and nodded. Brother Tianxing, its been a while, indeed.


“Damn it.” One of the captains was looking at the holographic projection of the scene outside. On the projection, a Zerg army that flooded their sight. He cursed and scolded. “These damned bugs, why did they appear here? And there’s so many of them! This is close to the scale of a Zerg tide!”


That little brat? When Hong Dali was mentioned, Jiang Dongliu immediately started laughing. Smacking his thigh, he said, The brat is uncommonly kind. I met him the day he killed Feiyun. It was obvious he was really furious that day. Hes also quite highly skilled. He is likely one of the best among the Double Aristocrats. Also, this little brat has powerful backing. He will be someone extraordinary in the future.


Heroes were attracted to beautiful ladies and beautiful ladies liked heroes.


Particle-beam cannons with a caliber of more than a thousand meters killed tens of thousands of Zergs with each shot. Also, those Zergs at the back all flew towards the starships. But when they knocked onto the starship’s defense domes, they were all electrocuted. Only a few Zergs managed to land onto the starships safely and released their corrosive acids onto the starships!


“Oh…” Hong Dali opened the door and instructed the lackeys. “Everyone, hurry and gather. We’ll go out to squander after we eat. Hahaha!”


I heard that the Double Honorary Aristocrat Hong Dali bought quite a lot of shops that were losing money at Star Harbor. One of the young men who was in his twenties said slowly, The customer traffic is high there, but the profit margin is low. I spent quite a lot buying four shops there previously. Till now, there is not much profit. I might as well sell them to him and get some cash back. At least when the advancement assessment comes, my profit will be significantly increased.



Soon, the spacecraft came to a stop. A very handsome man stepped off the spacecraft and walked forward slowly. This young man had silver long hair with straight eyebrows. He was 1.9 meters tall and looked well-proportioned. His muscles looked explosive. He looked intimidating. Not mentioning about his capability, just his murderous look was enough to stop ones breathing.



Shes my experimental girlfriend, not my real girlfriend. Hong Dali paid no attention. Dont make up our relationship like that, someone might die from it.


After a long while, another Elder gradually said, “Big Elder, our virtual world is created through the technology given to us by the High Nobles from our Dimu Star Sector. We cannot change the settings on our own accord and directly head towards Faerie Star to search for clues. This… Will this cause the objection of the High Nobles towards us?”


“Crack… Crack…” After a series of soft cracking sounds, very quickly, a small grey head came out from the eggshell…

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