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After the coordinates were entered, space was distorted and a flash of white light appeared. When Hong Dali looked at the surroundings, he was so shocked he opened his eyes wide!


It was an old man who looked like he was about sixty-years-old. He was skinny and had snow-white hair that went past his ears. His eyebrows were about an inch or so long and he was wearing a flowery shirt. He had round sunglasses. Below, he had on a bermudas and slippers.


This area was hundreds of thousands of square meters big and surrounded by a circle of viewing galleries. At this time, the galleries were filled with spectators as well as relatives and friends of the fighters who had come to compete for a place among the Honorary Aristocrats.


“It’s necessary!” Hong Dali nodded vigorously while grinning. “In the future, display one piece of armor right here in the middle. We will sell just one a day. Once it’s sold, the shop closes!”


“Good!” The Bureau Chief instructed immediately. “Inform the Hong Family, and everyone else related. Ask them to enter the virtual world right now. Quick!”


Thats good, then, thats good. The Bureau Chief said, satisfied, I feel much better with your assurance. Next time, bring some people with you when you visit the virtual world. If they bring some technological theories and blueprints, we can research it ourselves too.

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Hong Dali continued, “Besides, after clearing the door, we should make some cabinets or something? Make some holes in the walls so we can put some decorations? We can also make a pool on the ground, let the customers fish or something? Some hacking and cutting will be needed to make a counter, or perhaps cut up stuff to move around? Such an important task can only be undertaken by a powerful swordsman like Uncle Mihawk!”


After another round of talking nonsense, Hong Dali reached for a bottle of Thousand Blossom wine and said, smiling, “This Thousand Blossoms wine is made with thousands of types of flowers, so the wine has a delicate fragrance which reminds one of spring, intoxicating you before you even drink it. This wine should be drunk with an ancient vine cup. However, ancient vines are hard to come by, so we can just make do with a wooden cup.”


“Huff… huff…” Fang Han held tightly on the hilt of his sword as he panted, staring straight into the eyes of the Red-eyed Wild Bull. He gritted his teeth. “In order to protect my brother Dali, in order to protect everyone I love, I cannot be a burden! Never!


As it turned out, Hong Dali sniffled and grinned. I just want to squander, I didnt think so much!


When Tang Muxins knife and Li Nianweis heel were more than one foot away, the Goblin hurriedly ran out.


This is really The old man didnt know whether to cry or laugh. This young man is interesting Speaking up to this point, he pulled open the door and said, Alright, enough talking. Ill go take a look at my son. Its been a while.


Speaking of which, Comrade Luo Qiang was still a good young man with good psychological quality. However, he realized something after his boss had changed. The pawnshop seemed a little different from before. For example, another mysterious person had come on this day.



Actually, it was nothing for parents and their children to not see each other for ten over days. But it was a little different for Hong Dali—how far apart was Earth from the Galaxy Alliance Center?



Thats true, Qianxue has been obedient to you since young. Jiang Duxing finally felt better. He smiled and said, By the way, Father, you have met Mo Tianjis successor, Hong Dali, correct?


Haha, its good that you understand, its good that you understand! Jiang Dongliu laughed heartily. Our Qianxue is the cleverest! Go, face your true self, do not let other feelings blind you. That is the only way you can move faster and go further!


“Great Mister.” Hong Dali hefted the brick in his hand and grinned. “Are you worth one hundred and twenty thousand a month?”

  • “Let me take a look.” An Elder summoned the holographic projection system. Faerie Star was a super enormous planet that was outside of the Milky Way. This planet didn’t belong to any Galaxy system, just revolving along by itself in the Universe. It actually had tens of smaller planets revolving around it too, like satellites. This was a sight that defied logic and at the same time expressed its uniqueness.
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